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Move and Meditate Workshop

April 3, 2015

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Hello loves! I couldnt be more excited to co-host Barefoot Sanctuary’s Move and Meditate Workshop. Yoga is fascinating because the practice in itself is a journey. You experience the beauty, the challenges, and the teachings of multiple depths. Yoga invites you to explore your internal landscape and if you allow yourself to receive it, it is life-changing and transformative.

Move and Meditate workshop will ignite all five senses starting with an energetic flow that awakens your chakras as we open up and invigorate your energy centers. We will then lead you through a deep and relaxing restoration journey which will transition to a guided meditation. Last but not least, the journey will come full circle with a raw chocolate tasting to awaken your 5th sense. You will leave with yogic bliss, feeling invigorated, awakened and refreshed. We invite you to join us! Sign up HERE.

Ummo: Historia de una obsesión (FICCIÓN)
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Deep Vinyasa Playlist

March 1, 2015

I love immersing my students into their practice and bringing in music to help their focus, energy, and confidence. This playlist was created for an 1:15hr class. Starting slow to invite a rhythmic pranayama practice at the beginning, leading into mind opening tunes to increase concentration during sequences and lastly, long and deep tunes to melt them into to shavasana.

I hope you enjoy!

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Yoga for Mental Health

February 27, 2015


Lúa, la perrita que siempre sonreía (Cuentos infantiles)

Yoga is beneficial for our mental health for a multitude of reasons. Often times our anxieties and stress stem from trying to plan and foresee into our vast and unpredictable future. The thought not knowing or not being able to control what lies ahead can be unnerving and jarring to many of us. What we can control is the power behind our thought which can directly influence and manifest what we DO want to happen and invite into our lives. The practice of yoga teaches us to be present and to practice intention daily. To be conscious of our prana, the life force within us. Yes, to be conscious with the ever most present- our breath. Below are some asanas which aid in boosting our mental health, our energy, flexibility, and focus. Nurture your mind and body by practicing these daily.

Wheel: Urdhva Dhanurasana

This exhilarating pose works to energize the body and relieves anxiety and stress. By opening the front body, you increase flexibility in your back, improving your breathing and posture while relieving chronic back pain.


Headstand: Sirasana

The inverted position of a headstand improves circulation and stimulates the blood to flow through your adrenal glands. This inversion increases the process of detox while decreasing the symptoms of mild depression.


Revolved head-to-knee: Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

Revolved head-to-knee pose stretches the spine and stimulates our internal organs improving digestion. It is also therapeutic for mild fatigue, insomnia, backache and anxiety.


Wild Thing: Camatkarasana

This enlivening pose opens up the shoulders, chest and hip flexors. Wild thing helps build strength while releasing mental and physical tension in your hips, thus helping fight mild depression.


Dolphin: Makarasana

Dolphin pose require concentration and focus, therefore promoting calmness in the mind and alleviating stress. This pose is also a stimulating inversion that strengthens our upper body while stretching our hamstrings and spine.


Downward dog: Adho Mukha Svanasana

One of the most iconic asana in yoga holds a multitude of benefits for mind and body. Downward dog improves the immune system, digestion and circulation while helping calm the mind and relieve stress.


Cobra: Bhujangasana

By opening up the shoulders and neck, you relieve tension and stress while improving strength and flexibility in your middle and upper back. This asana reduces fatigue and is helpful for respiratory disorders such as asthma.


Camel: Ustrasana

Boost energy and elevate your mood with this heart opening asana. Find a few breaths in this pose to strengthen your spine while releasing mental stress.


Crescent lunge: Anjaneyasana

This strengthening posture is both empowering and confidence boosting. By including the crescent lunge into your daily practice, you improve your balance, core awareness and concentration. This concentration helps you gain control of your thoughts, promoting a healthy thought pattern.


Forward fold: Uttanasana

This highly therapeutic posture have been practiced for years to help relieve anxiety and insomnia. It also helps stimulate the liver and kidneys while improving digestion.


Seated salutation: Anjali Mudra

A few moments in stillness and quiet promotes clarity and calmness, thus restoring a balance in our everyday lives.


Bow: Dhanurasana

The bow pose gives the whole body and back a full stretch while increasing blood flow into the spine, which results in both energizing the body and bringing clarity to the mind.


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Desert Yoga Playdate with LuvMat

February 8, 2015

It’s been a beautifully busy past couple of weeks. I always tell my students in my yoga class to make room to receive and I realized that I needed to do just that. Its important to find adventure, and play in our incredibly jam packed schedules. So I grabbed my favorite go-to yoga mat by LuvMat and hit the barren landscape in my backyard. Such a liberating and peaceful practice in the solace of the desert amongst it’s infinite sky.

I also couldn’t think of a better time to review LuvMat yoga mat. Upon arriving on my doorstep, it’s been my go-to mat. But I wanted to put it through the true test. I’m quite rough on my mats. I travel overseas with them, take them camping, to the beach, and before I know it there’s enough holes to draw constellations. After lots of studio use, my Luvmat was still like new. I was ready to take it out to a playdate with mother nature’s spontaneity. I laid it over rocks, boulders, and dusty desert mounds to find that it never lost grip or got scratched. I realized this mat was an investment mat, one that would last me as long as I was willing to show up and share my practice.


The LuvMat lowdown//

Made of non-toxic renewable natural rubber
Recyclable and Biodegradable -You can compost it in your garden!!
Superior traction, and shock absorbent
Water resistant and non-cracking – For my hotroom yogis!
Made at an eco-friendly, zero carbon footprint facility

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Relaxation and Meditation Playlist

February 4, 2015

The more I share my practice with my students, the more I realize the complexity of stress and anxieties that weigh on our chest behind each breath. I created this playlist to create space to unravel, unwind and to fully let go. To process our thoughts, heal our feelings and allow ourselves a few moments each day to just release. We grip to tightly that this tension becomes a feeling of normal. So find a few minutes of stillness, stillness in your body and in your mind. Listen to the rhythm of your breath, and know that that is enough. By practicing stillness in your body and awareness in your mind, you are inviting a shift. A shift in consciousness, that will center your mind and body. Lifting the inevitable gravity of our day to day to bring some lightness in your step.

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Shakti Sway + Wolven Threads

December 6, 2014

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I am in LA for the a couple months over the holidays and couldnt be more excited to dive into their eclectic yet vibrant creative community. I collaborated with the beautiful and talented Kiran of Wolven Threads. Known as yoga clothes by yogis and artists, for yogis and artists. From waterproof SUP yoga ensembles to organic cotton gypsy yoga pants, her line will take you on a kaleidoscopic trip on and off your mat! See more at Wolventhreads.com

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Yoga & Art Muse: Charmaine Olivia

November 22, 2014

Its hard to look away from this absolutely stunning yogi who creates magic with her paintbrush. Her space is filled with so much color and energy that it radiates inspiration. Her paintings are vibrant, sultry and infinitely dreamlike images of femininity.


Breakfast Bowls Round Up

October 30, 2014

I rounded up some of my favorite breakfast recipes online that I could eat all day long! Nutrition packed, simple to make, and absolutely edible art. Click on links for full recipes!

Vanilla Almond Chia Breakfast pudding:
Chia seeds are a great source of Omega 3, calcium, fiber, and amazing for hydration and in reducing food cravings


Acai Bowl:
Acai is a reddish-purplish fruit found in the Amazon and is known to pack in the most anti-oxidants than any fruit in the world! Richer in antioxidants than fruits such as cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries which in itself already carry superfruit qualities.


Granola with Raw Cashew Cream:
Cashews cream boasts almost 1 gram of protein per tablespoon. It’s high in magnesium, it’s cholesterol-free, and a great source of copper, fiber, and healthy monounsaturated fats. Not to mention an tasty indulgent treat over granola and fruit!


Raw Almond Yogurt:
Probiotics such as yogurt is essential for our overall immune system and intestinal health functions. Fermented foods introduce a balance of good bacteria in our bodies to help absorb the nutrients, vitamins (particularly vitamins C and B12), minerals and omega-3 fatty acids from food.


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Raw Vegan Cakes: Stephen McCarty

October 16, 2014

I came across these nutritious, tasty works of art by vegan chef Stephen McCarty and fell absolutely smitten with the kaleidoscopic mandalas that adorn each cake. Not to mention the palette playground of flavors such as Banana Jungle Nut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake, Coconut Lime Raw Vegan Cheesecake and Acai Blueberry Mango Cheesecake. I think I see my potential wedding cake option =)

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.12.12 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.11.54 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.11.36 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.14.48 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.14.20 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.13.41 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.13.30 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.13.17 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.13.05 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.12.27 AM